Corbaro Park restaurant

Via Corbaro, 24, Forio, NA, 80075, Italy

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Phone +39 388.150.99.41 - 349.664.15

Opening hour: 12:00

Closing hour: 0:00

  • The Corbaro Park was born as an innovative and natural restaurant project where the products of the land have generated culinary specialties. The novelty is the production of yogurt, milk, ricotta, cacio, primo sale and the delicious flavored fresh cheeses produced directly by Max and Nino, the owners of the location and the herd of goats that graze on the green island, all at km 0.

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    The dishes all in the name of organic and natural flavors of Ischia. The ideal energy refuge for those who want to get rid of stress in a relaxing location with a breathtaking view.

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