Pizzeria Rosso Pomodoro

Corso Vittoria Colonna, 103, Ischia, NA, Italy

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Email: info@ischia.it

Phone +39

Opening hour: 19:00

Closing hour: 23:30

  • » The pizzeria

    In a scenario bordered by palm trees and plants, in the heart of Ischia, is set Rossopomodoro. This is not just a restaurant but also a brand that stands as “Neapolitan” ambassador of taste.

    » Its story

    The Ischian declination of Rossopomodoro astounds for its innovative architecture but at the same time honors the tradition. Not surprisingly, at the center of the room there is the wood-burning oven, emblem underlining the essence of Rossopomodoro, that one of being the undisputed champions of the pizza!

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