Fratelli La Bufala Restaurant

Via Iasolino, 28, Ischia, NA, 80077, Italy

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Phone +39 081.333.45.29

Opening hour: 10:00

Closing hour: 0:00

  • » Who we are

    Fratelli La Bufala is the made in Italy catering project that places the products of the Campania tradition at the center of its offer, first of all the buffalo mozzarella, the buffalo meat and the Neapolitan pizza created with high quality ingredients. The brand was born in Naples, in 2003, from an idea of Geppi Marotta that made Fratelli La Bufala market leader in Italy and in the world, with exponential growth within a few years. The innovation of the entrepreneurial idea lies in acting as an ambassador of Neapolitan pizza at an international level, through a network of restaurants with a common identity, while each maintaining its own uniqueness. The authenticity of the products and traditional cuisine are the guiding principles of Fratelli La Bufala which challenges standardization and standardized food, bringing authentic Neapolitan culture beyond the border. From Naples to London, from Milan to Dubai, from Rome to Miami, there are many Fratelli La Bufala restaurants in Italy and abroad, part owned and part franchised, present on the street, within shopping malls and airports. The restyling of the historic Mergellina restaurant in Naples marks, in 2018, the inauguration of a new retail strategy that enhances some locations such as Milan, Rome, London with the introduction of flagship stores and focuses on the "La Bufala" concept in all its variations.

    » Our values

    Roots: Everywhere we go, in any part of the world, the colors, the smells and the flavors of the Campania region accompany us. We never forget our origins and to be pizza makers in the world. Our values and the authenticity of our land are always with us.

    Quality: we select our products with the utmost care and attention from certified suppliers, to guarantee the best quality of our dishes.

    Experience: in our Flagship Stores, as in all our restaurants, we bring an experience to life, not just a meal. Our world is indeed that of the buffalo in the round: not only mozzarella but a product of tradition that we offer in all its forms, even less known.

    Commitment: Fratelli la Bufala also affects the social sphere, through projects that see us personally committed to providing opportunities for civil redemption, towards the less fortunate, often considered invisible to society.

    » The dishes

    Revisiting the gastronomic tradition of the Campania region in a modern way ”is the inspiring principle on which our menu revolves. The True Neapolitan Pizza, mozzarella and buffalo meat are the key elements of every Fratelli la Bufala proposal. Simple foods cooked wisely, so that the nutritional properties of each ingredient used are never altered. Healthy flavors, fresh ingredients and high quality. Recipes designed to meet the tastes of a wide and cross-clientele and able to guarantee a service that is always attentive, rapid and satisfying to the customers of our restaurants, of all latitudes.

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