Dal Pescatore Restaurant

Borgo di Sant'Angelo, Serrara Fontana, NA, 80074, Italy

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Email: mail@dalpescatore.info

Phone +39 081 999206

Opening hour: 1:00

Closing hour: 1:00

  • The Dal Pescatore restaurant is located in the heart of Sant’Angelo d’Ischia, in the enchanting Piazzetta directly overlooking the small fishing village.

    We are convinced that our over 50 years of tradition can only be a guarantee because they are associated with the constant care of the quality of our Mediterranean cuisine. A kitchen in which we allow only seasonal, seasonal and 0 km ingredients to enter, directly purchased by local farmers and fishermen, guaranteeing the palate a fresh and genuine product. Among the secrets of the success of our dishes it is impossible not to include the way in which the ingredients are carefully combined and balanced, creating exquisite taste combinations.

    To what has been said we also add the care of our attentive dining room assistants who, carrying out their work with passion, will be happy to satisfy your every request with kindness and sympathy.

    Since it has always been a family-run restaurant, it pleases us that the environment has a friendly atmosphere: such is essential to make our guests happy and satisfied, so that they spend their time pleasantly and that they willingly choose to return Dal Pescatore.

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