Bracconiere Restaurant

Via Falanga, Serrara Fontana, NA, 80070, Italy

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Phone +39

Opening hour: 10:00

Closing hour: 0:00

  • » About Ristorante Bracconiere

    480m above the sea level, the air is fresh also in the summer days, a rural and welcoming atmosphere just a short-walk from the most high summits of the island, very hospitable staff. Inside, we find the ancient peasant houses of Ischia, made of tuff and wood, with a wide veranda overlooking the Southern side of the island losing in the immense blue sea.

    » Our dishes

    Among dishes based on land products, we recommend rigatoni by Bracconiere, bucatini and rabbit, several types of pappardelle, rabbit stewed in a tomato, wine and herb sauce or grilled meats, finally the homemade Bracconiere bitter, if you taste our rabbit, it's right to taste also pappardelle or bucatini and rabbit tomato sauce.

    » Location

    To the South of Monte Epomeo, at 500m above the sea-level and 200 m from the summit of Frassitielli, easy to reach by car, it has wide parking in the famous square in front of the local, pay attention to the street, at 500 m to drive along the little street, very steep in some ways.
    To whoever go on foot, the most near bus stop is at 1 km, 15 minutes about on foot.

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