Chiarito Restaurant

Via Sorgeto, 51, Forio, NA, 80075, Italy

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Phone +39

Opening hour: 12:30

Closing hour: 22:30

  • » About Ristorante Chiarito

    The restaurant Chiarito, has two halls, a veranda and a wonderful view above the coast and the sea. The local overlooking the bay of Sorgeto and the wondeful suburb of Sant'Angelo.

    » Our dishes

    The cuisine is typical and most dishes are prepared in country like wine, oil, limoncello, marmalades, vegetable and fruit...

    » Location

    The restaurant built inside the park of Punta Chiarito, enjoys a favoured position, the view fades into the immense blue sea and sky, between the promontory of Sant'Angelo and the bay of Sorgeto. A wide parking which hosts guests, the bust stop is 1,5 km and 15 minutes on foot.

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