La Pietra Slow Restaurant

Via Giovanni Mazzella, 320, Forio d'Ischia, NA, 80075, Italy

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Phone +39 335.270.822

Opening hour: 19:30

Closing hour: 23:30

  • Sea garden, cakes and food. It is the synthesis of our island, a land of sea! A cozy house, historical and original, the Ischian cellar carved into the tuff is the architectural symbol of the island.

    A vegetable garden with sea view, a simple kitchen offering seasonal vegetables in their best robes perhaps accompanied by local fish, salads from the most traditional to the creative ones, the pizza from the slow rising and finally desserts and ice cream sundaes, irresistible temptation for the sweet tooth! “La Pietra show” is a garden that enchants when its green tuff reflects the last ray of sunshine.

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La Pietra Slow restaurant recipes
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