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What makes a chef the best in the world? Here are some of the best chefs recommended by their colleagues in the field.

Mamma Tina

Owner and cook

Owner and cook of the restaurant "La Casereccia"


Owner and cook

Owner of the Epomeo restaurant, a lover of simplicity and ancient traditions.

Anna Savio

Owner and cook

Owner of La Rondinella Restaurant which she herself calls "Restaurant of Friends"

Angelo Pesce

Chef of Ida Restaurant

Preciousness of the raw material and respect for tradition, but with an eye to innovation.

Peppe Sferratore

Owner and Chef of Il Fortino Restaurant

He does not like opulence and rediscovers his style in simplicity.

Francesco Castiglione

Owner and Chef of the Bellavista restaurant

A life dedicated to good peasant cuisine, which respects the earth and its seasonality.

Angela, Gisella e Giovanna

Owners and chefs of the Gisella restaurant

Feminine conduction and temple of the sincere and sincere cuisine.

Giovangiuseppe Solmonese

Chef of Chiarito restaurant

His dishes are based on tradition but revisited with some fusions of Mediterranean flavors and cultures.

Squid stuffed with radicchio and buffalo provolone

Perfect opposites that celebrate an authentic marriage of love.

The stuffed squid tastes like home cooking, but it is also a test bed for operators in the sector, at all levels. Whoever chooses to put it on paper knows that he will have to guess its cooking above all. Not easy, but here there is great mastery.

Bucatini with ricotta and eggplant

We return to the countryside and to the true, forgotten flavors

Eggplant from the garden, cut into cubes and then fried. Ricotta is a tribute to the local kids, made with a little cooking water from the pasta, light hint of butter and Parmesan.
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