Da Cocò Restaurant

Piazzale Aragonese,1 - Ischia Ponte, Ischia, NA, 80077, Italy

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Email: ristorantecoco@libero.it

Phone +39

Opening hour: 12:30

Closing hour: 23:30

  • The Coco Restaurant is located in Ischia Ponte, twenty meters from the Aragonese Castle, close to the sea. Here you can enjoy the traditional local cuisine, a home-style cuisine with seafood specialties and tasty and refined meals. No guesswork, no frills. The simplicity helps to enhance the freshness of the fish, in fact, always comes with the fishing boat.
    Our sea brings to the table the pezzogna, who lives in depths between Ischia and Capri, the shards, the scorpion fish, sea bass, sea bream, sometimes corvina, a rare fish but very tasty, and then snapper, the predentici with delicate meat. But the icing on the cake is the homemade ice cream, especially the lemon flavor so real and intense thanks to organic citrus of its land. The rest will give by the impressive view of the Aragonese Castle, the sound of the sea and singing seagulls, so much so that for many, this meeting is a regular event, even just for a coffee.

    » Our dishes

    We do typical local things of the island. Spaghetti with clams and mussels, fish in acquapazza, fried fish, really good. Not that they are bad spaghetti, or fish in acquapazza, we say from experience, frying is the true highlight of Coco. Just the fresh fish and good oil, it is not a secret. Cod, paparette, but also sbavaglioni mullets, soles, are the basis of a stir as it should be: dry, hot, crispy. Other things recommended: marinated anchovies, the red sea snails with sauce, soups, beans and escarole and some side dishes that vegetarians can also become a main dish: artichokes with black olives and puparuole, green peppers sautéed with a little 'pomodorini’, even if we prefer them like in Spain, without tomatoes. Details. Some decent cheese (occasionally) and a wine list that should be a little revisited. Nothing memorable among the desserts. Prompt and courteous service, unfailing limoncello after dinner. .

    » Location
    At the entrance towards the sea, linking Ischia Ponte to the Castello Aragonese, easy to reach on foot and by car, the bus stop is in the square just a short-walk from the local, for drivers the parking area is available late at the night. Let you car in the wide parking, at 500 m and 5 minutes on foot from the restaurant.

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