Leerfish Fillet

Chef Ciro of the Saturnino Restaurant, presents us a recipe of fish fillet. It is a forian dish that incorporates in a few simple ingredients fresh flavors and genuine tradition of our country.


Leerfish Fillet, Fresh onion, Small fava beans, Mint, Cream of beetroot, Hot pepper


Choose the small fava beans (as much as suffices) and blanch in a pot of salted water for about 4 or 5 minutes. Then take a pan with extra virgin olive oil, saut leerfish fillet on both sides for about 5 minutes. Chop the onion and set it aside. When cooking is over, add the blanched beans, chopped onion, a sprig of mint, pepper and salt the mixture. Cook the whole, with a lid on, for about 2 minutes. Serve the fillet with a cream base of red rocket red and cooked must (typical of Forio) and decorate it with a chili pepper and a sprig of mint.

Dish reviewed in the June 2013 Ischianews magazine
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Il Saturnino restaurant

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