Linguine with cuttlefish ink, with cuttlefish, scamorza and lemon

Ingredients and technique

There is so much, perhaps everything. The flavor of the fish, the sweetness of the cheese, the fresh acidity of the lemon. Despite this, the chef knows how to direct them and arrives at that famous balance in which each ingredient cannot do without the other.
A great dish, an expression of a renewed tradition, or, if you prefer, a modernity that respects its roots.


Nice and welcoming, fine ceramics distributed everywhere, with taste and without excess. Pride of place, certainly the large terrace that juts out over the entire bay of Sorgeto. Breathtaking, exclusive panorama. The restaurant is inside the Torre Sant’Angelo Hotel: the Castellaccio family demanded a cuisine that reflected their idea of hospitality. Attention to detail and great quality.
Do not miss the first courses, a due homage to Gragnano pasta, accompanied by seasonal ingredients, always fresh.
Here everything has the flavor of Ischia, a beautiful family, an undoubtedly enchanting place, a cuisine of great satisfaction.

Dish reviewed in the Ischianews magazine issue of August 2019

User Rating: 5 / 5

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Paccheri e Carezze restaurant

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