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Located in one of the most beautiful bays of Ischia, that one of Citara, the lido Bagno Viola is a facility equipped with every comfort and provides access to the beach for the disabled. Here you can enjoy a simple snack or drink by the sea or a delicious dinner of fish, seafood and shellfish. The extensive menu features the catch of the day, to consume perhaps at sunset, when the atmosphere is most striking.


Octopus, anchovies, prawns, shrimp, smoked salmon, mussels, clams, tuna, lemon, onions, red pepper.


Knock down all the ingredients marinate in lemon prawns, shrimp, and octopus. The salmon is instead left to marinate with lemon, onion and red pepper. Fillet tuna and season with secret sauce of the chef. Fry until golden anchovies, mussels and clams only. Finally season with a dash of lemon.

Plate reviewed in the August 2015 Ischianews magazine

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Lido Bagno Viola restaurant

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