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Star chefs Nino Di Costanzo and Pasquale Palamaro

Star chefs Nino Di Costanzo and Pasquale Palamaro are preparing the fifth edition of Ischia Safari. It will be an international charity event, twinned with the city of Matera, the European Capital of Culture 2019. It will also be plastic free. Appointment on 15 and 16 of September 2019.

Body and mind. The soul and the flesh. It is the food that holds them together. It is in nutrition that nature and culture merge. Because food is a cultural experience. It is social sharing, collective memory, identifies places, reminds us of our life experiences. And the island of Ischia is one of those few places in the world where the story of knowledge and tastes, dreams and needs, identity and diversity find a synthesis, they merge in the dishes that come to the table, in the wines we drink.

Ischia Safari

is the event that every year, for five years, has been celebrating that mystical marriage that always gives excellent fruits. Because the charity event organized by the Ischia Saperi e Sapori association is centered on the cognitive and cultural value of tasting as a complex experience in which necessity, pleasure and knowledge converge.

ischia safari 2018 al negombo 202
Ischia Safari 2018 Negombo Park

Nino Di Costanzo and Pasquale Palamaro, the other two driving forces, are choosing chefs, pizza makers, confectioners and artisans of taste who this year too wanted to be in Ischia Safari 2019 and contribute to a noble cause.

Ischia Safari 2019 will be “a walk among the excellence of the food and wine of the regions of Italy”.

From the editorial office

This fifth edition is conceived as a journey through taste - conceived and promoted by Chefs Nino Di Costanzo and Pasquale Palamaro - which will focus on the beauty, richness, charm and magic of the beautiful country that we tell through its extraordinary archaeological heritage, its inexhaustible cultural deposits, but it would never be a complete story without food.

Italy is also excellence in food and wine.

Each region has its own cultural register linked to food. In Ischia Safari, each region will show these excellent products, make them see, taste and eat. The region and the city protagonists of taste in Ischia Safari this year are Basilicata and the city of stones, Matera, the European capital of culture 2019 twinned with Ischia.

Ischia Safari this year is plastic free and will receive the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment. It is not a fashion choice but the philosophy that animates every action of the Ischia Saperi e Sapori association that this year has chosen to allocate the proceeds of the September 15th Gala Dinner in the magnificent setting of the Albergo della Regina Isabella and the party of September 16 at the Negombo Thermal Park at the Antonio Turi Professional Institute for Hotel and Catering Services of Matera.

ischia safari 2018 cena di gala 394
Chef Ischia Safari 2018

Also this time we intend to support the world of catering by offering, with the proceeds of Ischia Safari 2019, a period of training for deserving students in the sector and the purchase of useful equipment for the schools adopted.

Ischia Safari’s organizational machine is already up and in full swim. Leading this engagement, is Giancarlo Carriero of the family that owns the Albergo della Regina Isabella and Paolo Fulceri Camerini, owner of the Negombo Thermal Park, two entrepreneurs who love the island and commit themselves every day to accredit it as an international tourist destination.

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