Amberjack with crispy bread and zucchini scapece

Ingredients and technique

Absolute imperative, choosing, and choosing again, high quality. In the search for raw materials, in the technique put at their service, with the intention of not forgetting tradition. Local amberjack, filleted and sprinkled with bread crumbs destined to become very crunchy. Baked, fast, essential cooking, very little oil in addition. To complete the dish, a cornerstone of the Neapolitan tradition, zucchini scapece. Classic pan cooking with mint and then vinegar. To make a sauce that embraces the succulent compactness of the amberjack.
Dish for romantic connoisseurs.


A family history that begins after the war. With the catering entrusted to a large grill positioned practically on the sea, able to feed the customers with the best of the local catch. Today the quality level is very high, acclaimed with full marks and demanded every day by passionate, curious professionals who know how to put themselves totally at the customer’s service. We are at the foot of the Chiesa del Soccorso, with a breathtaking view: it is in the list of the ten most beautiful restaurants in Italy.
Fish as a great protagonist, with excellent excursus dedicated to the rabbit, symbol of the island’s culinary tradition.

Dish reviewed in the Ischianews magazine issue of August 2019

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Umberto a Mare restaurant

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