Porchetta of rabbit and Ischian Moussaka

Ingredients and technique

Baked cooking. It starts slowly, and ends at a high temperature to make the crust around. Impeccable final consistency, there is tenderness and succulence. The rabbit, a bastion of the island’s culinary tradition, has been boned and stuffed with pancetta. The scents remain those ones of tradition, there are garlic and thyme. And there is the Ischian Moussaka, an aubergine pie cooked with béchamel, as they do in Greece. Here, however, there are also potatoes. And the béchamel is enhanced by the rabbit’s cooking bottom.
Pleasantly redundant, of beautiful originality.


The choice was clear. Focus on high quality catering. There is enthusiasm and competence in the kitchen. Ideas circulate that cross the sacred memories of family with the need to experiment continuously. The result is artfully executed dishes, which pamper and amaze, with sudden cameos that come in random order from the world. Room service is attentive, but not sliced. And the entire structure excavated in the tuff is original, with the wonderful contrast provided by the very fine table linen of the mise en place. We are in one of those places kissed by beauty, breathtaking panorama with the privilege of the sunset.

Dish reviewed in the Ischianews magazine issue of August 2019

User Rating: 5 / 5

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La Pietra Slow restaurant

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