Ravioli with rabbit in Ischia style

The restaurant is certainly the pearl of the whole structure; based on the culinary art of Ischia, its cuisine knows how to be attentive to the changing needs of the palate without losing the aromas that characterize it. In it there are both traditional dishes and tasty starters that know how to tease.

Ingredients and technique

Egg pasta consistent enough to keep up with the filling that is even explosive: rabbit in the Ischia style, garlic, oil, wine and a little tomato. It seduces the neophyte and makes people dream of that taste that knows it too well. The form changes, but not the substance. Great mastery of cooking, sensitivity and mastery of the technique. The ravioli come to the table perfect, with great aesthetic cleanliness. Around, Parmigiano Reggiano sauce and cherry tomatoes.
Reds and yellows, caramelized at a low temperature until they become addictive. A dish to enjoy a lot.


If heaven exists, it could have these features. Sea, sky, furnishings. Sober and consistent elegance. Around, the bay of Cartaromana. Among the most seductive views of the island. Eating by the sea is synonymous with freedom, the success of this restaurant is the profuse professionalism to satisfy those who choose the evening dress and those who arrive barefoot by boat. Perfect service and Mediterranean cuisine balanced between modernity and tradition. Special menus diversify lunch and dinner. The first is informal, the second more seductive.
Always in great shape, Eden is the ideal destination also for those traveling by sea, wandering among the islands.

Dish reviewed in the Ischianews magazine issue of July 2019

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Il Giardino Eden restaurant

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