Local fish tartare with fruit

Ingredients and technique

The local cod is of those caught in the hook. The chef explains that this way, the meat is not abused and the consistency remains intact. Attention to detail is obsessive, we are faced with a dish that does not admit mistakes. Impossible to cheat, quality is all there to make a fine show of itself. Very light seasoning, extra virgin olive oil, salt and lime zest. Around, strawberries, raspberries, dried orange and blueberries. Fundamental acidity for a highly balanced finish. The dish is one of the starters, a proper introductory hat to a high-level menu.


We are on the beach, with taste and elegance. The service in the dining room is careful, accurate, an essential consequence of the rigor imposed in the kitchen. Everything is born and evolves in the name of quality. The underlying engine is a visceral passion for the world of food and wine. Attentive and curious restaurateurs: we travel to discover, we learn to reproduce the best in our own reality.
Which thus becomes a small, great realm of taste. Value for money of extreme consistency.

Dish reviewed in the Ischianews magazine issue of September 2019

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Il Giardino Eden restaurant

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