Mullet from maronti flavored with lemon and potato mille-feuille

Ciderfish of the Maronti flavored with lemon with potato millefeuille, ida restaurant, Eggs, Cream, extra virgin olive oil and breadcrumbs, fish angelIt is a strictly link between the restaurant Da Ida and the Maronti beach, for more than fifty years. The cuisine since the dawn in traditional style, has a character of experimenting today thanks to the ingenuity of Angelo Pesce, young chef of the maison, the “change of course” actually has a most ancient and traditional taste, evolution consists of “a return to the past” concerning the recovery of local products enhanced by the use of equipment and techniques which respect and enrich, at best, the matrix of each raw material


Mullet, lemon peel, potatoes, eggs, cream, olive oil and breadcrumbsmullet, lemon peel, potatoes, eggs, cream, olive oil and breadcrumbs


fillet the mullet, after dusting the fillet with lemon zest, add a little of extra virgin olive oil, place the fillet in the vacuum bag (for food), cook in a bain-marie for 10 minutes at a constant temperature of 65 ° * * this process is called “Slow cooking”, then sear the fillet in the pan.
Potato mille-feuille: slice potatoes very thin, put to a layer of potatoes, a layer of egg and cream and cover, again, with a layer of potatoes. Finish with a sprinkling of breadcrumbs.

Dish reviewed in the August 2016 Ischianews magazine

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