Paccheri alla genovese

At 480 meters above sea level, the air remains fresh even in the hottest and humid summer days, a rustic and welcoming environment just a few meters from the highest peaks of the island, a very friendly staff.

Ingredients and technique

Millimeter cooking for pasta, filled with ragù to which gives its name. Beef, pork and onions. Enveloping and ancestral taste, for the lucky ones, is something in which to recognize oneself. Scattered, there are tarallo crumbs with fennel, very pleasant that add crunchiness, each bite inspires harmony. Consistent with everything else. The recipe is classic, cooking is innovative. Twelve hours, at 72 degrees: slow cooking, at low temperature, to restore softness, succulence and greater digestibility.
Great tribute to a pillar of Neapolitan cuisine.


We are in the mountains, Ischia seen from above. Historic landmark of island peasant cuisine, today the Bracconiere restaurant is also something more. Changing of guard in the kitchen, new ideas advancing. Wisely, the family dishes are preserved, exalted with modern techniques and that aesthetic attention that brings flavors together. The dining room service has always been comforting. Equal and different, remaining deeply themselves. An intelligent turn, to put a definitive stamp in the panorama of Ischia restaurants. Winning choice for its quality-price rate.

Dish reviewed in the Ischianews magazine issue of June 2019

User Rating: 2 / 5

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Bracconiere restaurant

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