Flavors of sea

The magical location, by the sea, in the San Francesco Bay and the dishes that veer from those of the local tradition to the more fanciful and innovative are the “squaring of the circle” for those looking for a unique and unforgettable place on the Green Island. Sea breams, sea basses and cods.

There are a thousand ways to cook fish in a simple and genuine way, and Sandy, chef of La Rondinella, offers us some. It is necessary a little oil, garlic, some tomatoes and a sprinkling of parsley to prepare a delicious sea bream “all’acqua pazza”.

The grilling method, for example, exalts all the organoleptic characteristics of the fish, whether it be a sea bass or a cod, freshness and bitterness are fundamental, without neglecting the preparation of a good relish.

The secret of a good baked cod with potatoes instead is the cooking time that must be short, so that the bream retains all its succulence.

La Rondinella also is special in its colorful and delicious appetizers: octopus, Mazara shrimps and Lobster prepared in an original way, ready to satisfy the needs of the finest palates.


Dish reviewed in the Ischianews magazine issue of July 2017

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La Rondinella da Anna restaurant

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