Sea mosaic

Set in one of the most beautiful and evocative bays of the island of Ischia, the Rondinella offers its customers the typical aromas and flavors of Ischian cuisine on the sweet notes of the Mediterranean and its infinite sunsets. ‘Da Anna’ you will always find freshness and quality, but above all a warm and familiar hospitality.

Ingredients and technique

Seafood dish, with the best of local cuisine. Everything to share and savor until the last drop. It is the sea that decides, so, depending on availability, to compose the mosaic there will be anchovy rolls with provola: unique, alone are worth the trip. Neapolitan style stuffed little squids, fried cod and octopus salad. And it’s just the beginning. The prawn cocktail with homemade mayonnaise, tabasco and brandy is in great demand. And then bruschetta with salmon and citronette with pink pepper. Last only in order of memory, fried shrimps breaded with walnut flour. Like kisses, one leads to another. Exciting and satisfying dish.


Anna. She is La Rondinella who makes a summer. All around, a small, great team that has made cordiality its business card. Great vocation to hospitality, in symbiosis with an idea of genuine cuisine, but very attentive to details, traditional, but ready to surprise with malicious intuitions in the kitchen. We are in the splendid bay of San Francesco, an authentic enchanted place, kissed by beauty. Striking to witness the magical changes of light from morning until sunset. The restaurant is spartan in decor, welcoming and consistent with its strategic location. When you say, on the sea. A must-see.

Dish reviewed in the Ischianews magazine issue of July 2019

User Rating: 5 / 5

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La Rondinella da Anna restaurant

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