Sea pizzaiola with diamond fish and shrimp

“Punta Chiarito Resort” is a green oasis overlooking the picturesque bay of Sorgeto, one of the most beautiful places on the island. Rooms are classy and the structure is equipped with all the comforts. Cousine is “gourmet” mold, but retains a strong connection to the land of origin, through the use of local products supplied by adjoining farm to the structure, in which it produces fruit, vegetables, olive oil, wine, honey and jam. The company also breeds animals including “depopulated” the rabbit, the undisputed star of Ischitan’s cuisine.


Fillets of diamond, Red shrimp, salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic, brandy, celery, carrot, parsley, tomatoes, rice, olives from Gaeta, capers.


Fillet the diamond fish obtaining 4 fillets, clean red shrimp, roll the fillet of diamond around the tail of theshrimp, add salt and pepper. Place the roll in a food bag and cook in hot water at 80° for 4-55 minutes.
Cream of shrimp: sauté in a frying pan oil, a clove of garlic and the carcass of the shrimp, sprinkle with brandy, add some celery, a carrot, the parsley stalks and 4-5 tomatoes, cover with water and add a handful of rice. Cook over low heat for half an hour, put it all using the blender. Pit 3 olives from Gaeta, 3 capers of Chiarito and decorate.

Dish reviewed in the October 2016 Ischianews magazine

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Chiarito restaurant

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