Miller’s turbot

Ingredients and technique

Fillet covered with a breading flavored with citrus fruits and fresh herbs from the garden. It becomes a roll to enclose mussels, clams and prawns, with the fresh touch of a tomato cut as if they were petals. Great harmony and balance, a happily impacting taste thanks also to the fresh and very light shrimp mayonnaise. The side dish is a ‘spinacino’ of own production of which it is not necessary to eliminate anything, so much is its tenderness. To complete, lemon sauce enriched with fish stock made with rhombus waste. Everything comes back.


Punta Chiarito has created an authentic virtuous circle. Farm with restaurant. Overlooking the bay of Sorgeto, it watches over Sant’Angelo in the silence of a suggestive and conciliatory nature. The kitchen enjoys what the garden produces, including oil. The rest is above all local spending, very attentive to quality. An enthusiastic and engaging chef, a very successful marriage between modernity and tradition. In the dining room and throughout the hotel, professionalism is served on a plate of reassuring informalism. Reality for connoisseurs and gourmets, every detail is a fundamental part of the experience. It should be noted as a mandatory step.

Dish reviewed in the Ischianews magazine issue of September 2019

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Chiarito restaurant

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