Salmon and squid carpaccio with corn salad flavored with lime and pink pepper

In the heart of Citara Bay, one of the most impressive places on the island, is the Oasis Restaurant, a true temple of taste. The cuisine invites traditional dishes enriched with original and never excessive contaminations that bring to every dish a breath of freshness, in pure Oasis style. The friendly and smart environment of the lunch involves the witness to a warm and intimate evening atmosphere, two different faces joined by the thrill of happiness. Among the Casa Oasis’s unmissable gems: pizza, the result of a long leavening with exclusive use of Italian yeast and untreated organic stone-ground flour. The restaurant offers live music and piano bars every evening.


Salmon, squid, oil, salt, pink pepper, lime, lemon, corn salad, pod flowers, broccoli sprouts and berries (currant, blueberry, strawberry, physalis).


Eviscerate squid, fillet salmon, adhere the salmon onto the squid walls and dropping to -18°. Cut it all thinly with the slicer and season with pink pepper, lime, lemon and oil. Place in the dish. Decorate with corn salad, broccoli sprouts, fruity flowers and berries.

Dish reviewed in the Ischianews magazine issue of August 2017

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Oasis restaurant

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